Pro Beach Essential Competition Volleyball Net for Fixed Posts

Pro-Beach Essential Competition Volleyball net for fixed post systems. Available in 8.5m and 9.5m widths. DELIVERY INCLUDED UK Mainland only
Manufacturer: Funtec
SKU: 111323
£122.51 excl tax

A professional competition quality beach volleyball net with glass fibre rod reinforcements to each side , 8 cm wide vinyl surround to all edges , Kevlar tension top rope and red rope guy ropes.

(This net is suitable for fixed posts only and equipped with a Kevlar tension top cable that is long enough to be hooked into the clamping device on the fixed net posts. For the lower bracing there are long guy ropes)

Standard item is yellow vinyl surround with red Funtec Branding with black net mesh. non branded and custom branded options available at additional cost.

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