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Funtec Manufacturer

The driver of innovation and market leader

Since Funtec's formation in 1992 they have been a beach sports innovator and developer for professional/home equipment and gear. Their equipment was used in the very first beach volleyball World Championship (1997 in Los Angeles) and they have been supplier to FIVB - the international volleyball federation - ever since. In addition, they supply beach volleyball systems in over 40 countries worldwide.

Active Leisure Contract are their UK partner and our team and reliable service and technical expertise make us the market leader in the beach sector. Offering the highest standards for both leisure user and professional. Anyone looking for beach sports is looking in the right place with Funtec!

Top quality at fair prices

From basic nets for beginners to professional systems, we always offer top quality at fair prices. Our professional equipment is world-renowned. Our products are robust and safe - some even against vandalism. Spare parts and modular upgrades guarantee longevity.

We have also perfected multi-functionality in beach sports with our "Switch System": Our beach systems can be converted for example from beach volleyball courts into beach football pitches in a matter of minutes.

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Beach Masters Volleyball Court Line

A 25mm blue belting court line for Volleyball easy set up and play. DELIVERY INCLUDED UK MAINLAND
£53.41 excl tax

Pro-Beach Court Line

A 50mm wide competition quality court line for sand. DELIVERY INCLUDED UK MAINLAND
£104.19 excl tax

Pro Beach Soccer Pitch Line

80mm wide Blue Beach Soccer competition lines. 37m x 28m DELIVERY INCLUDED UK MAINLAND
£342.27 excl tax

Pro Beach Essential Competition Volleyball Net for Fixed Posts

Pro-Beach Essential Competition Volleyball net for fixed post systems. Available in 8.5m and 9.5m widths. DELIVERY INCLUDED UK Mainland only
£122.51 excl tax